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Nueva Pescanova Group revolutionizes the market by creating the first range of surimi made from Norwegian salmon. You can find already Delicias de Salmón and Rallado de Salmón in several Spanish distribution chains.

According to the Group, this new surimi maintains all the nutritional benefits of the species. Such as the preservation of muscle mass. Besides, the proper functioning of the heart and the immune system, or the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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In more detail, Delicias de Salmón, frozen or refrigerated sticks, are ideal for enriching salads. On the other side, you can use Rallado de Salmón both for cold dishes, sandwich fillings, appetizers, and adding protein to hot vegetable or pasta dishes.

CEO Ignacio González said in a press release that with these creations they intend to “revolutionize this category once again, offering the consumer ease to create fast, healthy and wholesome dishes”.

Nueva Pescanova, which presented its results last week, reached EU 1,087 million in his last financial year.

About Nueva Pescanova

The Nueva Pescanova Group is a leading multinational company specialized in the fishing, farming, processing and commercialization of seafood products that was created to revolutionize the fishing industry and bring the freshness of the sea to the customer’s table.

With around 12,000 employees on four continents, it is one of the few multinational seafood companies that integrate all the activities of the value chain, from source to sale.

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