TalentView: Emily De Sousa

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    Everything in Emily De Sousa’s career revolves around the sea. This young woman raised in Canada grew up around a family table where they ate seafood and told stories about her relatives, fishermen back in the Açores Islands in Portugal. Emily was the child who read books and watched movies about the ocean, who studied marine animals with the interest of a professional, and who, as soon as she was old enough, became a PADI Divemaster, a moment that, as she tells us, truly placed the ocean as her “#1 love in life”.

    She defines herself as “a Portuguese-Canadian sustainable seafood educator and content creator”, a job she performs by offering research and consulting services, speaking in public, or writing. But if we had to look for an image to represent her, we would say that Emily De Sousa is a lighthouse. A lighthouse that guides navigators from her blog, ‘Seaside with Emily’, where she discusses topics ranging from inspiring people to lead a more sustainable life, to helping them in their travels, to learning “how to navigate the seafood counter”. As a fisheries scientist, as a communicator, as a divemaster… Emily always sets the course.

    Emily De Sousa, fisheries scientist and travel & food writer at 'Seaside by Emily'. Photo: Sandra Monaco Photo.
    Emily De Sousa, fisheries scientist and travel & food writer at ‘Seaside by Emily’.
    Photo: Sandra Monaco Photo.

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