Developing Employer Branding Strategies in Aquaculture and Seafood

Carrots with long harsh shadows in sunlight. Creative Easter or vegetable food layout. Minimal natural visual style. Copy space. Flat lay.
Carrots with long harsh shadows in sunlight. Creative Easter or vegetable food layout. Minimal natural visual style. Copy space. Flat lay.

In a previous post, we talked about the different elements you need to consider when looking to effectively attract and retain talent. One thing we need to remember about human interaction is that every decision is a kind of purchase decision. That is why salespeople always ace their interpersonal skills test. The key to constantly attracting the best talent is in having the right Employer Branding Strategies stablished. Then it will all fall into place. When designing your employer branding you are making a product off of your company's culture, values, and mission. People have sold companies as ideas to clients. Aquaculture and Seafood industries are in dire need of Employer Branding Strategies. And today, we will show you the importance of selling your company to candidates and prospective employees.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is definitely not a new concept nor strategy to attract and retain talent. However, in most recent years it has been used more consciously and actively. Especially by organizations looking to improve their company culture. Sullivan (2004) defined Employer Branding as a "targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perception of employees, potential employees and related stakeholders with regards to a particular" organization.

Organizations across the world are spending hefty capital and resources on the development of Employer Branding Strategies and Campaigns. Which demonstrates that they are giving these practices a considerable importance. Having these strategies in place has given companies a competitive advantage to the eye of job seekers, compared to organizations that do not implement them; as well as aided in the internalization of company values by current employees.

How to Develop Employer Branding Strategies in Aquaculture and Seafood?

One thing I would like to remark is that every strategy should be designed and tailored according to your business. This means always in harmony with your business' characteristics and needs. The industry your organization is a part of is also key when developing Employer Branding Strategies. These strategies should then encompass the entirety of your processes. Everything from attracting new talent up to the off-boarding of employees. As well as your involvement in the Aquaculture and Seafood industries, which is the core of your operations.

For better business results and development you should always count on the best talent. First, you need to learn what motivates both your current talent and your target talent. Do this by understanding the kind of experience your employees are having and looking to have. Understand what and how your company is being promoted out there, by current and past employees. Design and build a way to stand out.

What are the benefits?

Developing the right Employer Branding Strategies as an organization in Aquaculture and Seafood is important for the success of your organization. The benefits of doing this are: Your recruiting process effectively escalates. Your employees' organizational and personal identity connect and they stay with your company. They stick around because they want to and feel like they belong, which helps them deliver better results by being more efficient. Your employees become your best ambassadors and are key to spreading the word on what a great place to work your company is. Your company becomes known, and your competition falls behind.

Is your organization involved in Aquaculture and Seafood? Are you looking to optimize your brand strategy? Looking to transform the perception internal and external stakeholders have of your organization? In an upcoming post, we will explain in further detail the different ways you can accomplish this through AquacultureTalent.

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