AquaChile, awarded for its health and safety labor performance

AquaChile, awarded for its health and safety labor performance

The company reduced its accident rate in a 42%

The Chilean Security Association (ACHS) has awarded AquaChile for its health and safety labor performance. Besides, the company's 2020-2021 safety management has also involved a 42% reduction in the accident rate.

Regarding this recognition, Juan Luis Moreno, general manager of the ACHS said: "We congratulate AquaChile for the results they have achieved. Also, we thank them for working with us and reinforcing our commitment so we can join their new challenges."

Furthermore, Sebastián Trujillo, People Manager at AquaChile stated: "We are very happy. Thanks to the company and people involved we have reduce the accident rate in the company. In this sense, the number of accidents per year from 2019 to December 2021 was reduced by 58%."

Finally, he explained: "One of the AquaChile priorities is caring for people is one of its main priorities. We work every day to protect the safety of all our collaborators, permanently promoting self-care and teamwork".

Along with this, the company is also very aware of being sustainable with the environment as we informed last month.

About AquaChile

AquaChile is a Chilean company dedicated mainly to the aquaculture sector. The Company's activities are divided into three business segments: Salmon and trout, tilapia, and food. The salmon and trout division focuses on the farming, processing, and distribution of Atlantic and coho salmon, as well as trout.

The tilapia division is responsible for the cultivation of tilapia. The food division includes fish feed production. The Company maintains marine, river, and lake aquaculture concessions on the Chilean and Costa Rican coast.

It exports products to the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its subsidiaries are Aguas Claras SA, AquaChile Inc, Grupo ACI SA, Inversiones Salmones Australes Ltda, Salmones Maullin SA, Antarfood SA, and Alitec Pargua SA.

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