Offshore salmon farm planned for Namibia with Innovasea’s help

Benguela Blue Aqua Farming will use Innovasea technology to construct its offshore farm 8 kilometres off the coast of Lüderitz, Namibia.
Innovasea's Sea Station submersible pens will be used in the Namibia project. Photo: Innovasea
Innovasea's Sea Station submersible pens will be used in the Namibia project. Photo: Innovasea

Aquaculture technology company Innovasea is working with Benguela Blue Aqua Farming to create a new offshore salmon farm off the coast of Namibia.

Innovasea announced it provided consultancy services for the Namibia-based company in securing permits to raise Atlantic salmon in net pens eight kilometers offshore. The permits will enable a trial operation consisting of up to four of Innovasea's submersible SeaStation pens, intended to raise up to 35,000 tons of fish per year once fully operational.

Langley Gace, Innovasea's senior vice president for business development, said the project was important in "bring[ing] open ocean aquaculture to southern Africa," before adding, "The company has a strong business vision and has worked closely with authorities in Namibia to develop a smart, realistic plan to safely raise healthy fish and create good-paying jobs for the local economy."

"We are proud to be the first company to bring sustainable aquafarming to Namibia," said Johannes Aldrian, co-founder and executive director of Benguela Blue Aqua Farming. "The area has excellent water conditions and enormous potential, and we're optimistic that Namibia's stable governance will encourage other companies to follow our lead to help create a thriving fish farming industry."

The farm expects to begin operations during the second quarter of 2024, and predicts a first harvest of approximately 100 tons.

Innovasea says water conditions at the site are ideal for raising salmon, but strong surface currents and wave heights often in excess of two meters means the farm will need pens that can be submerged to avoid most of the wave energy.

"The SeaStation is the world's toughest fish pen and has a proven track record surviving hurricanes, typhoons and other significant storms unscathed over the last 28 years," Innovasea said in a statement.

"The open ocean is the future of fish farming and provides a healthier, more natural environment for fish by reducing their exposure to pathogens," said Gace. "But it requires robust equipment like the SeaStation and our submerged grids to withstand the day-to-day punishment of the sea."

Benguela Blue Aqua continues to seek additional investors to help fund the project in Namibia.

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