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Aerial view of Kingfish Maine's proposed aquaculture facility. Photo: Kingfish Maine / The Kingfish Company.
Marta Negrete
4 min read
"Kingfish Maine remains a fully permitted project," the company says after the Maine Superior Court denied the latest appeal by opponents of The Kingfish Company's U.S. project.
Bernt Olav Røttingsnes, CEO of Nordic Aquafarms, at the Fredrikstad Seafood facility, which will now focus on yellowtail kingfish. Photo: Vekst i Fredrikstad / Nordic Aquafarms.
Marta Negrete
6 min read
As announced a year ago, Nordic Aquafarms abandons salmon production at its facility in Fredrikstad, Norway, to dedicate it to the production of yellowtail kingfish.
"We are doing everything possible to scale up supply to meet significant demand," says Omega Azul CEO Roderick Chrisman.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
One year on from its merger with Kampachi Farms Mexico, the Mexican yellowtail farmer aims to produce 3,000 metric tons per year by 2029.
Panorama view of Geraldton, Australia. Photo by: Adobe Stock.
Carmen Halpin
3 min read
The West Australian state government has canceled its plan to build an AUD 10 million yellowtail kingfish hatchery in Geraldton. According to reports, the government's decision is due to Huon Aquacult ...
Workers of The Kingfish Company at its land-based facility in Kats, The Netherlands.
Marta Negrete
3 min read
The Yellowtail Kingfish producer will now focus on accelerating revenue growth, optimizing operations, and investing in sales and marketing to expand markets.
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