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"Now it has been demonstrated that breeding can significantly increase the omega-3 content in microalgae." Marie Lillehammer (pictured) is the researcher behind the study.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
Faster growth and increased omega-3 can be achieved through targeted breeding of microalgae, making it a promising ingredient for aquaculture feed, according to new research by Nofima.
MiAlgae appoints Christopher Haacke as Commercial Director.
Rocio Álvarez Jiménez
1 min read
The Edinburgh-based company produces omega-3-rich algae, an ideal ingredient to add to aquaculture feed.
Aerial view of a Salmones Camancha salmon farm in Chile.
Louisa Gairn
1 min read
On 2 January, Chilean salmon farmer reported 2,000 fish had escaped from its San José processing plant in Calbuco after discovering "intentional damage" to pens holding fish for processing.
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