Grieg Seafood’s annual report for a “historic” 2022

    The highest ever volume harvested in our current farming regions, a total of 84 697 tonnes, the record high Operational EBIT of NOK 1 739 million and a net profit after tax of NOK 1 154 million, and earnings per share equal to NOK 10.3 among others.

    Upward Farms closes after more than 10 years working in aquaponics

    Upward Farms announced yesterday that they were closing their Brooklyn headquarters and will no longer operate in the vertical farming sector. "We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey," they said.

    Salmon Evolution signs green debt financing valued at NOK 1,550 million

    The new debt financing package is the result of a thorough process with strong interest from several leading banks following Salmon Evolution's solid operational development over the past year.

    In short, the most important details of the “salmon tax”

    Yesterday the final government proposal on salmon taxes in Norway was released. The main changes are explained in seven questions.

    Aker BioMarine achieves success in 2022 after tough challenges in 2021

    As shown in their report, in 2022, the company has focused on streamlining operations and identifying efficiencies. In this way, they have improved both sales and collection.

    The “salmon tax” proposal in detail

    This morning the Norwegian government will present a proposal for a resource rent tax on aquaculture (known as the...

    Iceland joins Aqualoop’s offshore fish farming project

    Aqualoop, the offshore fish farming company known for its Aqualoop Big Dipper design, has new major investors, the Icelandic seafood consultancy, Markó Partners. This union would mark the beginning of offshore salmon farming in Iceland.

    A bad deal for Norway: a US investor’s view of the proposed ground rent tax

    WeAreAquaculture spoke to David Hodges, the US global investor determined to warn politicians and the public about the "hidden penalties of Norway's proposed new tax.

    The Nelson Tasman region invests in the blue economy

    “There’s an enormous opportunity to leverage the good reputation of Nelson Tasman’s seafood and aquaculture sector to help connect with potential investors to boost innovation and growth”, said Nash.

    Last call for the Scottish to apply to the “wild fisheries fund”

    Fishing groups have until March 31 to submit applications to the "wild fisheries fund". The purpose of the program is to help save Scotland's wild salmon.

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