South America

    The environmental and controversy debate of SBAP resurfaces in Chile

    The MMA of Chile announced a statement about suspending the granting of new commercial activities within protected areas.

    Océano Seafood achieves its first U.S. acquisition by purchasing Sea Fresh USA

    The Peruvian company Océano Seafood, based in Lima, has acquired the entire American company Sea Fresh USA, located in Kingston, Rhode Island.

    The Marine Chemistry, Berta Contreras, is now leading Benchmark Genetics Chile

    Berta Contreras Mutis has assumed her role as General Manager of Benchmark Genetics, replacing Pablo Mazo, who has transitioned to Norway.

    USD 200 million to electrify Ecuador’s shrimp farms

    This development aligns with international sustainability standards and prepares Ecuador's shrimp farms for a more sustainable and economically stable future.

    Peru to prioritize credits for fishermen affected by the cancellation of the anchovy season

    "My administration will prioritize credit facilities for the fishing sector," said Peru's new Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca.

    Blumar sentenced for providing authorities with false information on pharmacological treatment

    In addition to a financial fine, the Chilean salmon producer faces the suspension of a production cycle for submitting false information to Sernapesca.

    Chilean artisanal fishermen of the common hake in a distress call

    According to Oceana's latest report in Chile entitled "Poverty in the nets," artisanal fishermen are facing a critical problem of hake shortage in two Chilean regions.

    Female Founder: Daniela Allerbon, Aquit

    Daniela Allerbon is founder and CEO of Aquit, developing preventive treatments for infections in fish that replace antibiotics, improve survival rates and boost natural immunity.

    The Peruvian bonito and red sea urchin under exploratory fishing

    Produce has authorized the Imarpe to carry out exploratory fishing for two species: bonito and red sea urchin.

    Pamela Nath, elevating Ecuadorian shrimp to the global sustainable seafood stage

    We Are Aquaculture interviewed Pamela Nath, the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) director, to know both closely.

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