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    Sernapesca reports no dissemination of ISA virus in Magallanes

    The protocols are still being followed, in spite of the positive news: the virus has not been disseminated.

    The expiration of Nova Austral’s concessions in Chile are hanging by a thread

    For several weeks now, various meetings have been held to approximate positions. This Tuesday, one of them took place in which the main authorities of Magallanes, trade union leaders, and company representatives attempted to discuss options to avoid Nova Austral from closing its operations at four facilities in Porvenir (Chile)

    Los Arrayanes, the new facilities of Salmones Austral

    This Friday, the first RAS post-mole fish farm in Chile was oficially presented: Los Arrayanes. This especial event counted with the company executives, regional and community authorities, collaborators and neighbors of the Cochamó area.

    Nova Austral in a stormy period

    Nova Austral is in a turbulent stage. The company controlled by Altor is on everyone's lips and not exactly for good news. On the one hand, the company is still managing the issue of the step back of the joint venture with Salmones Austral. On the other hand, the demand of Greenpeace.

    Jamaica advances in aquaculture development

    Jamaica's aquaculture sector is set for a 180-degree turnaround with the construction of a tilapia hatchery in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine. The construction will be financed by the World Bank through the Climate Initiative Fund. The facility, which is biosecure and climate resilient, is designed to farm fish in ecologically sustainable conditions and at an international scale. The objetive is produced five million advanced fries per year, using a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS).

    ISA virus outbreak in AquaChile confirmed

    A few weeks ago, precautions had been taken due to suspicions of ISAv in AquaChile. Last Thursday, Sernapesca confirmed that it was declared "Center in Outbreak" and protocols were being followed to ensure the control of the virus.

    The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership celebrates five years of leading

    The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) marks five years of leading this month after several years of progress in environmental responsibility.

    BioMar to support women in Caribbean aquaculture

    BioMar will support the activities of Women in Caribbean Aquaculture (WiCA), part of the Caribbean Aquaculture Network (CAN), aiming for responsible expansion of aquaculture and blue food in the region.

    Caution on possible ISA outbreak at the Chilean salmon farm AquaChile

    Infection Salmon Anemia (ISA) outbreak in AquaChile, Chile’s largest producer in South America nation's southern Magallanes region. Currently, the salmons have being monitored to control the outbreak.

    Ventisqueros is not for sale

    The Chilean salmon company denies the rumours circulating in the market and the media about the Schorghuber Group selling it.

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