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"Empowering Women Towards Sustainable Aquaculture Development" program in Greece, 2023. Photo by: Intissare Aamri.
Carmen Halpin
2 min read
The program will run in Greece until June 18, 2023, and seeks to empower and support young women in aquaculture and to recognize their contribution.
Innovasea's "Sea Station" offshore aquaculture technology. Photo: Innovasea.
Carmen Halpin
2 min read
Innovasea has acquired Aquanetix, an aquaculture software company based in the UK. Terms of the deal were not disclosed; however, the company explained that it was moving to Greece.
Mackerel is one of the most popular species in the Atlantic, Northeast area. This is the most important catch area for the EU, about 70% of the total catches were made there.
Marta Negrete
2 min read
The Spanish fishing fleet took the largest share of these 3.4 million catches, followed by the French and Danish fleets.
Galaxidi Marine Farm in Greece. Aquafeed manufacturer Irida has bought a controlling stake in the aquaculture producer.
Louisa Gairn
2 min read
Galaxidi Marine Farm is one of the largest aquaculture companies in Greece, specialising in meagre, sea bream and sea bass. Over 80% of the company shares has been sold to aquafeed manufacturer Irida.
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