Kingfish Maine can start facility construction

    Approved construction permit and loan insurance application for the preparation of the land-based yellowtail kingfish project in Maine.

    “Blue carbon” habitats protected in UK fishing ban in key marine areas

    The protected sites include "blue carbon" habitats, and feeding and nursery grounds for species such as cod and herring.

    New £30m processing facility for Denholm Seafoods, Scotland

    The new facility for processing mackerel and herring will improve energy efficiency and open up new business opportunities for the company.

    Leroy Seafood profits drop in 2022

    Leroy Seafood Group (LSG) today announced its fourth-quarterly results, posting record revenues of NOK 26.6 billion in 2022. The...

    Peru closes the 2nd anchoveta season 2022 without reaching the planned quota

    The Peruvian Ministry of Production (Produce, in its Spanish acronym) closed the second anchoveta and white anchoveta fishing season...

    2022 new record year for Norway’s seafood exports

    2022 marked a new record year for Norway's seafood exports, which reached a value of NOK 151.400 million (€14.256...

    The Kingfish Company has new CEO

    The Kingfish Company has chosen Vincent Erenst to serve as its new Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO will...

    Kingfish Maine not concerned by opposition group’s appeal

    Last week the activist group Protect Downeast announced that it would appeal the permit granted to Kingfish Maine by...

    A 63% increase in the fishing quota for North Sea cod

    A 63% increase to 21,652 metric tons, that is the increase in the fishing quota for North Sea cod...

    Northeast Atlantic mackerel fishing quota agreed for 2023

    Norway, the EU, Iceland, the UK, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland have agreed on the Northeast Atlantic mackerel fishing...

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