Dongwon explores Starkist stock market debut to back a significant acquisition move

    The Dongwon Group, the owner of the American tuna company StarKist, is reportedly taking financial steps to acquire a transport company.

    Vietnam increases its tuna market in the U.K. by 98%

    According to the latest report from the Vietnam Association of Seafood Processors and Exporters, their projections for tuna exports to the UK are very promising.

    Unlocking the secrets of bluefin tuna reproduction: a step-by-step with Fernando de la Gándara

    We Are Aquaculture talked with Fernando de la Gándara, the director of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) who, together with Aurelio Ortega and his team, achieved a worldwide milestone: closing the bluefin tuna breeding cycle on land.

    Norway “historic success” in bluefin tuna live capture and storage

    The technique for trapping and storing live tuna is common in Mediterranean countries, but had not been possible in Norway - until now.

    UK opens trial Atlantic bluefin tuna fishery

    The new trial commercial fishery for Atlantic bluefin tuna is the first of its type in the UK for decades, with 10 licences already issued.

    Papua New Guinea backs transparency in tuna fisheries

    It became the first country in the Pacific to share its tuna vessel tracking data on the Global Fishing Watch map.

    Indonesia is looking to introduce tuna farms to mitigate overfishing

    Indonesia is developing tuna farming plans to enhance the national aquaculture sector and reduce the pressure on tuna fisheries.

    Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean fishermen against EU management

    After a week, tensions remain unresolved in the Gulf of Guinea and the Indian Ocean, where 64 ships and approximately 2,000 crew members from Senegal and Ivory Coast -80% of the EU fleet- declared strike action.

    Lotus Seafood, the consumption risk, and their innovative method

    Lotus Seafood will open a new processing facility in Indonesia that will use an innovative treatment for tuna excluding CO method.

    Skretting and Next Tuna Collaborate

    Next Tuna, a start-up, and Skretting have joined forces to advance the production of juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna through...

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