Aquaconnect continues to set its sights high and move forward

    Aquaconnect has announced its strategic expansion into West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, a strategic move to tap into the untapped potential in the domestic...

    The Fukushima water spill is starting to take its toll on Japanese seafood products

    The first consequences of the prohibitions that China and Hong Kong imposed on Japanese seafood related to Fukushima are starting to be seen.

    Dongwon explores Starkist stock market debut to back a significant acquisition move

    The Dongwon Group, the owner of the American tuna company StarKist, is reportedly taking financial steps to acquire a transport company.

    Oman’s Seafood industry opens a world of possibilities 

    The Sultanate of Oman is rich in many ways, and the maritime sector is no exception. In this article we will discover its aquaculture.

    Vietnam increases its tuna market in the U.K. by 98%

    According to the latest report from the Vietnam Association of Seafood Processors and Exporters, their projections for tuna exports to the UK are very promising.

    “A Crisis of Our Own Making” the SSA report describing the shrimp oversupply problem

    The SSA, in its research report titled "A Crisis of Our Own Making," described the problem of the oversupply of shrimp worldwide.

    Billionaire’s August for the Norwegian seafood market

    Norway experienced a notable increase in its seafood exports, reaching a value of NOK 14.2 billion, a 15% increment compared to last year.

    Visits to Japan in the vicinity of Fukushima to gain support

    Last Thursday, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel visited the Fukushima region. The objective: gain international support.

    Nueva Pescanova and Cooke, once again in the eye of the hurricane

    Once again, Abanca has come out to quell rumors about the negotiations with Cooke and explain that negotiations restart in September.

    Seychelles initiates measures to attract aquaculture investment

    The Seychelles Fisheries Authority (SFA) has updated its aquaculture policies to attract more investors to the nation.

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