Salmon farming, one of the most important economic engines of the last three decades in Chile

    Chile has generated an added value of US$ 5,282 million through salmon farming, which represents 2.1% of the national GDP.

    South Africa’s Sea Harvest buys up more of Viking Aquaculture

    Sea Harvest has increased its stake to 82% ownership of Viking's shellfish aquaculture business, farming abalone, oysters and mussels.

    Asia-Africa “BlueTech Superhighway” launched for fisheries and aquaculture

    The WorldFish initiative will help communities improve fisheries management, adopt new aquaculture techniques and reduce processing waste.

    Offshore salmon farm planned for Namibia with Innovasea’s help

    Benguela Blue Aqua Farming will use Innovasea technology to construct its offshore farm 8 kilometres off the coast of Lüderitz, Namibia.

    Egypt and Andhara (India) in search of an aquaculture model for the African region

    The Arab Republic of Egypt and Andhra Pradesh (an Indian region) want to join forces in many topics such as pharma, drones, and commodities, but to develop aquaculture.

    The future of shrimp farming makes a stop in Morocco

    NOVATON is installing the first land-based shrimp farm for sustainable aquaculture in the North African country. As the demand for...

    Future of tilapia aquaculture in Zimbabwe

    Stakeholders from across Zimbabwe’s tilapia value chain rallied behind a plan to help the Southern African nation develop its...

    MarinTrust’s new Annual Report shows global reach and Version 3.0 updates

    MarinTrust, the leading business-to-business certification program for marine ingredients, has just released its 2021-2022 new interactive report, summarising the...

    Nigeria joins the international declaration against organized fisheries crime

    Nigeria has joined the international declaration against organized crime in the global fisheries industry. In other words, the Copenhagen...

    Fish welfare and nutrition researchers receive Kvarøy Arctic 2022 Women in Aquaculture Scholarships

    Abigail Ebachi Tarchie from Ghana and Eliza Syropoulou from Greece are the new winners of the Kvarøy Arctic 2022...

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