A taste for Norwegian seaweed: Tekslo Seafood 

    Tekslo CEO and co-founder Runar Trellevik and Marianne Skogvold, Marketing Director share their aspirations for Norwegian seaweed products.

    Royal Greenland to commercialise and scale seaweed production

    After 5 years of trials, Royal Greenland is ready to commercialise its seaweed for consumers - with plans to expand.

    Female Founder: Katie Weiler, Viable Gear

    Seaweed visionary and proud Maine native Katie Weiler, founder of Viable Gear, is the latest entrepreneur to feature in our Female Founders series.

    World Bank predicts $11.8 billion USD seaweed boom

    World Bank analysis highlights seaweed’s potential to sink carbon, sustain marine biodiversity, employ women, and unlock value chains.

    TalentView: Olavur Gregersen, Ocean Rainforest

    WeAreAquaculture spoke to Ocean Rainforest CEO Olavur Gregersen about building up his pioneering seaweed company, and how he sees the future of the seaweed industry worldwide.

    Seagriculture EU 2023 positions itself as a leading event

    Europe's leading conference for the seaweed industry, Seagriculture EU 2023, which took place June 21-22, was a resounding success and welcomed top industry professionals to Trondheim, Norway.

    Scottish Sea Farms reaps reward for seaweed and cleaner fish trial

    Salmon farmer Scottish Sea Farms wins industry recognition for its pioneering project cultivating salmon alongside seaweed and cleaner fish.

    Project to explore co-locating seaweed with offshore wind farms

    Simply Blue Group and Arctic Seaweed have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore solutions for jointly deploying seaweed farms between offshore wind farms.

    $1.5M boost for Cascadia Seaweed’s new farm and processing facility

    Cascadia secures funding to accelerate its 100-hectare seaweed farm and bioprocessing facility in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

    How Ireland’s seaweed industry can catch up with the EU boom

    New analysis outlines the factors hindering Ireland's seaweed industry, and proposes a comprehensive strategy for future growth.

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