Seaweed aquaculture researcher wins “outstanding contribution” award on International Women’s Day

    Women in Scottish Aquaculture recognises Professor Elizabeth Cottier-Cook's contribution to aquaculture education and research on the global seaweed industry.

    Cermaq and Folla Alger test the combined farming of salmon and kelp

    This is the world's first sea site built for the combined production of both salmon and kelp, which will be grown inside the farm.

    Amazon investment unites seaweed aquaculture with wind farming

    Seaweed aquaculture can be combined with North Sea offshore wind farming to cover 1 million hectares by 2040 and reduce millions of tonnes of CO2 annually. That's the vision outlined by Amazon as it invests €1.5 million in the North Sea Farm 1 project, which it says will be operational by the end of 2023. Taking advantage of previously empty space between turbines, the project aims to expand the cultivation of seaweed in the otherwise crowded North Sea. Led by North Sea Farmers (NSF) in a consortium which includes marine contractors Van Oord and seaweed extract manufacturers Algaia, the venture is planned as a 25+ year operation. The farm will be located in the Dutch part of the North Sea, and is scheduled to be installed and seeded by autumn of this year. The first...

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