Sustainability beyond the land and sea, the aquaponics

    This recirculating environment is a form of aquaculture in which the waste produced by fish or other water animals provides food for the water plants, and the plants keep the water clean.  

    Making offshore aquaculture a reality

    WeAreAquaculture interviewed Hans V. Bjelland, Director of Norway’s EXPOSED research center, to find out more about the future of offshore.

    “Unicorn” status for Indonesian aquaculture startup eFishery

    Indonesian-based eFishery has raised US$108 million in series D funding, taking its overall valuation to USD $1.3 billion.

    Start-ups and investors mingle at Blue Food Innovation Summit

    Sustainability, regeneration, collaboration and communication on blue food were among the topics discussed during the summit's final day.

    Nueva Pescanova defends its octopus farm project in Spain

    The controversy of the octopus farm in the Canary Islands continues, but the company assures that the project prioritizes animal welfare and complies with European Commission guidelines.

    Blue Food Innovation Summit closes successful first day

    Data, feed, seaweed and blue food investment were among the topics up for discussion on today's agenda.

    Blue Food Innovation Summit takes place next week in London

    Two action-packed days of discussions on aquaculture, sustainability and innovation are ahead. Follow WeAreAquaculture for updates!

    Innovasea incorporates Aquanetix company and moves to Greece

    Innovasea has acquired Aquanetix, an aquaculture software company based in the UK. Terms of the deal were not disclosed; however, the company explained that it was moving to Greece.

    AKVA Group Q1 results: strong activity despite challenging market

    Leading aquaculture technology and services provider, AKVA Group, has reported strong activity in the first quarter of 2023, with...

    Lotus Seafood, the consumption risk, and their innovative method

    Lotus Seafood will open a new processing facility in Indonesia that will use an innovative treatment for tuna excluding CO method.

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