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    NOAA accused of inaction by congressmen over Wespac problem

    NOAA is criticized for not taking decisive action regarding Wespac by several Democrats on the House Natural Resources Committee in the U.S.

    NOAA unveils its first National Seafood Strategy to address challenges of the seafood sector

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released its first National Seafood Strategy.

    Revitalizing the Pacific Cod trawl fishery: NOAA’s innovative program

    NOAA Fisheries has announced Amendment 122 within the BSAI Management Area Groundfish Fishery Management Plan for Pacific Cod.

    NOAA Fisheries recommends $3.2 million funding for Great Lakes initiative

    The Great Lakes of North America, located between the United States and Canada, is the world's largest freshwater system, so conservation is crucial.

    NOAA to identify new Aquaculture Opportunity Areas in Alaska

    Science, indigenous knowledge, and collaboration with local communities are key to identifying these Aquaculture Opportunity Areas.

    NOAA’s recommended projects for Saltonstall-Kennedy 2023 funding are now known

    NOAA Fisheries has announced over $11 million in grants for forty projects under the Saltonstall-Kennedy 2023 Competitive Grant Program. This aims to support aquaculture and fisheries to support the promotion and marketing of U.S. fisheries.

    NOAA denies emergency protections sought by Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers

    NOAA Fisheries denied the Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers' (ABSC) request...

    Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary in California released

    NOAA unveiled a from the Biden-Harris Administration: the establishment of the "Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary" in California.

    Marine heatwaves are here to stay, say scientists

    Better monitoring is urgently needed to counteract the "new normal" of extreme ocean tempreatures, according to research published this week in the journal Nature.

    Chile gets ready for El Niño

    "El Niño will intensify in the spring months, projecting into early summer in the southern hemisphere," said National Director of Sernapesca, Soledad Tapia.

    U.S. Congressman asks for a halt on deep seabed mining activity

    Driven by Hawaii Congressman Ed Case, the American Seabed Protection Act would place a moratorium on deep seabed mining activities in U.S. waters or by U.S. companies on the high seas.

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    Pancreatic disease outbreak in Ystøya?

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has sounded the alarm over a possible outbreak of pancreatic disease (PD) in Ystøya in the municipality of Alstahaug in Nordland county.

    A taste for Norwegian seaweed: Tekslo Seafood 

    Tekslo CEO and co-founder Runar Trellevik and Marianne Skogvold, Marketing Director share their aspirations for Norwegian seaweed products.

    Océano Seafood achieves its first U.S. acquisition by purchasing Sea Fresh USA

    The Peruvian company Océano Seafood, based in Lima, has acquired the entire American company Sea Fresh USA, located in Kingston, Rhode Island.

    The Marine Chemistry, Berta Contreras, is now leading Benchmark Genetics Chile

    Berta Contreras Mutis has assumed her role as General Manager of Benchmark Genetics, replacing Pablo Mazo, who has transitioned to Norway.