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    Grieg Seafood’s 2Q2023 performance has challenges and future strategies

    Grieg Seafood has presented its results for the second quarter of 2023, a complex background in which the company as settled a plan.

    Grieg Seafood set to resume first phase construction of post-smolt building in Marystown

    One week after the first phase of the new post mol building of Grieg Seafood in Marystown was announced, construction is well underway.

    Nina Stangeland is the new Chief Strategy Officer at Grieg Seafood

    Grieg Seafood has appointed Nina Stangeland as Chief Strategy Officer, but she will not start the position until September 1.

    Biological challenges mark Grieg Sefood’s Q1 2023 results

    Nevertheless, the company notes that the salmon market remains strong, supporting earnings, as it awaits the final "salmon tax" proposal in Norway.

    Grieg Seafood’s annual report for a “historic” 2022

    The highest ever volume harvested in our current farming regions, a total of 84 697 tonnes, the record high Operational EBIT of NOK 1 739 million and a net profit after tax of NOK 1 154 million, and earnings per share equal to NOK 10.3 among others.

    Grieg Seafood BC: “The decision goes against DFO’s own science”

    The company shares the sense of disappointment shown by all salmon producers affected by the non-renewal of licenses in the Discovery Islands.

    Record year for Grieg Seafood as Q4 results published

    Grieg Seafood CEO Andreas Kvame is celebrating the close of a record-breaking...

    Grieg Seafood stops offshore project following Norwegian government’s tax proposal

    Grieg Seafood Rogaland has announced that it will put on...

    Grieg Seafood estimates limited growth in 2023

    Global harvest of Atlantic salmon in 2022 is expected to...

    Grant Cumming, new Grieg Seafood COO for North America

    Grieg Seafood ASA has appointed Grant Cumming as the new...

    Grieg Seafood Finnmark should cull one million fish, according to Norwegian Food Safety Authority

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has notified two decisions against...

    “I am proud to present our best result in a single quarter ever” Grieg Seafood’s CEO

    Grieg Seafood ASA has presented its Q2 2022 results which...

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