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    The “salmon tax” in Norway will be 25%

    The Norwegian Parliament has finally reached an agreement to impose a resource rent of 25% tax on aquaculture, the so-called "salmon tax."

    Norway’s salmon tax decision gets delayed again

    Storting finance committee delays recommendations on the aquaculture resource rent tax another week.

    In short, the most important details of the “salmon tax”

    Yesterday the final government proposal on salmon taxes in Norway was released. The main changes are explained in seven questions.

    The “salmon tax” proposal in detail

    This morning the Norwegian government will present a proposal for...

    Vindheim, the CEO of Mowi, outlines why the industry is against “salmon tax”

    This Wednesday, Ivan Vindheim, CEO of Mowi, was interviewed by Reporter Eleni Giokos on US news network CNN and showed his dissatisfaction with the “salmon taxes” imposed by Norwegian government's plans.

    Salmon industry CEOs unite to criticise Norway’s salmon tax

    Salmon industry leaders from Mowi, Grieg Seafood and Cermaq warn the tax proposals threaten jobs, investments and growth.

    Faroe Islands may introduce their own “salmon tax” later this year

    The Faroese government proposed increasing the maximum land rent tax rate from 5% to 20%, with salmon farmer Bakkafrost likely to be among the hardest hit.

    Lerøy Seafood blasts Norway government’s salmon tax in Q4 report

    Leroy Seafood Group CEO Henning Beltestad took time during his...

    Proposed salmon tax will “wreak havoc”, says Mowi CEO

    “Everything is still far from rosy in the salmon universe,...

    Vedum continues to advocate 40% salmon tax

    "There will be changes and we go into this with...

    Norwegian government’s budget partner considers a 15% salmon tax too low

    Norway continues to be divided over the salmon tax and...

    The Norwegian salmon tax in the Storting in March

    March will finally be the month when the Norwegian ground...

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