Sustainability beyond the land and sea, the aquaponics

    This recirculating environment is a form of aquaculture in which the waste produced by fish or other water animals provides food for the water plants, and the plants keep the water clean.  

    AquaBounty pauses Ohio farm construction but still believes in the project

    The substantial increase in the cost of completion and ongoing negotiations with Williams County to obtain the Right of Way permit led the U.S. land-based salmon producer to make this decision.

    Chile pauses its concerns after the Commission’s decision

    The Joint Commission of Congress rejected the Government's indication in the SBAP bill, which, as a consequence, modified 158 of the Fisheries Act.

    BREAKING: Mowi’s NOK 5bn investment cut “only the beginning”

    Mowi's decision comes in the wake of Norway's adoption this week of its ground rent tax for aquaculture, at 25%.

    BioMar and Loch Duart Salmon collaborate on “blue impact” feed

    Global feed company BioMar partners with small Scottish salmon producer Loch Duart for feed based on circular and restorative marine ingredients.

    BC salmon industry at risk beyond farms

    The entire BC salmon industry supply chain shows the real effect that farm closures will have are already having, on the region's economy and community.

    EU blue economy report marks out seaweed’s “high potential”

    Sustainability is crucial to ensure the future of Europe's fishing fleet, while seaweed could be Europe's next "blue biotechnology" boom.

    The kidney disease, BKD, is in four facilities in Norway

    Mattilsynet, the Norwegian Food Health Authority, has reported the detection of BKD in four farms in Norway owned by Leroy, located in Hitra, Heim, Aure, and Kristiansund.

    Western Australia pushes its aquaculture with 8.5 million

    The Western Australian (WA) government will invest AUD 8.5 million (EUR million/ USD million) over the next four years to boost research and development in the region. Additionally, they will improve facilities in Broome, Pemberton, and Albany.

    Regenerative aquaculture to avoid seafood shortage by 2050

    Planet Tracker calls on investors to support regenerative aquaculture, warning of potential supply gap of up to 50 million tonnes by 2050.

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