TalentView: Talent in Aquaculture

TalentView: Talent in Aquaculture

Over the years we have seen the industry grow exponentially around the world. We have witnessed how different genetical processes are developed in order to improve production. We have seen how cages for overseas production have increased from a 15 meters diameter to >300 meters. The industry has gained traction globally and we have witnessed, firsthand, how it has globalized especially when talking about the talent in Aquaculture.

We have read blogs, magazines, newsletters, listened to podcasts, assisted to webinars, participated in expos and exhibitions around the globe. And the thing that always brings that together is the fish, the different species, the advancements, the technologies, the merges. So, we can't help but wonder, why hasn't anyone focused on the backstage to all that? Focused on those who make everything in the industry possible?

The aquaculture industry was born for human progress. As a way to provide means of sustenance and food security, in a more ecological and sustainable way, compared to other food production industries. And it is through human mindset and development the industry has improved its processes and technologies year after year. It is thanks to the talent, the industry has been able to provide more sustainable ways of production. This industry is by humans and for humans.

Over the years we have successfully offered international opportunities to aquaculture professionals around the globe. Which has diversified and enriched, companies' systems, productions, and processes. That is why we decided to launch this project, to highlight and put under the spotlight the reason we are here.

Talent View in Aquaculture is Here to Stay

What brought "WeAreAquaculture" to life was our growing passion to show the face behind aquaculture around the globe. Our enthusiasm for talent and how it is the humans in the industry that made it what it is today.

WeAreAquaculture and these "Talent View" series are here for a reason. And we are here to stay, so over our magazine's volumes and our blog you will find dedicated spaces to show this passion of ours to the rest of the world.

Our Talent Views Through time:

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