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    Nova Scotia and its economic potential to gain millions from kelp farming

    The Ecology Action Center (EAC) has released a new market assessment report highlighting Nova Scotia's potential for kelp farming. The study projects a potential market worth millions over the next three to five years.

    Kelp to ensure salmon sustainability

    The salmon farms are well-known to take pressure off wild...

    Cermaq and Folla Alger test the combined farming of salmon and kelp

    This is the world's first sea site built for the combined production of both salmon and kelp, which will be grown inside the farm.

    TalentView: Olavur Gregersen, Ocean Rainforest

    WeAreAquaculture spoke to Ocean Rainforest CEO Olavur Gregersen about building up his pioneering seaweed company, and how he sees the future of the seaweed industry worldwide.

    Urchinomics appoints new CEO so founder can continue “working his magic”

    Perry Bevin will be the new CEO replacing founder Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda who will be able to devote more time to restoring the health of the oceans with the backing of the Chair and investors.

    ADB and Australis Holding sign $15 million bond for climate-resilient aquaculture in Vietnam

    The ADB and Australis Holding signed a millionaire convertible bond to promote climate-resilient kelp and barramundi aquaculture in Vietnam.

    Akvafuture launches campaign to cross the Atlantic to British Columbia

    Akvafuture, a leader in sustainable technology for the Norwegian production of salmon, has announced its plan to expand into the Canadian market, specifically into British Columbia.

    Kinanomics, the project to restore oceans and revitalize the seafood market

    Kinanomics, the project of Evirostat, Ngati Porou Seafoods Groups, and Urchinomics that aims to create a high-value aquaculture industry from kinas, a type of malnourished sea urchin.

    ‘Wild USA Seafood’: a new bill calls for creation of new label

    Introduced by Alaska Senators Murkowski and Sullivan, the bill would label U.S.-caught fish and shellfish and support U.S. fishermen.

    Scottish Sea Farms reaps reward for seaweed and cleaner fish trial

    Salmon farmer Scottish Sea Farms wins industry recognition for its pioneering project cultivating salmon alongside seaweed and cleaner fish.

    “Extreme” marine heatwave in northeast Atlantic risks “massive die-offs”

    The European Space Agency has recorded sea temperatures up to 5°C higher than average, posing significant risks to fisheries and aquaculture.

    $1.5M boost for Cascadia Seaweed’s new farm and processing facility

    Cascadia secures funding to accelerate its 100-hectare seaweed farm and bioprocessing facility in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

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    Pancreatic disease outbreak in Ystøya?

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has sounded the alarm over a possible outbreak of pancreatic disease (PD) in Ystøya in the municipality of Alstahaug in Nordland county.

    A taste for Norwegian seaweed: Tekslo Seafood 

    Tekslo CEO and co-founder Runar Trellevik and Marianne Skogvold, Marketing Director share their aspirations for Norwegian seaweed products.

    Océano Seafood achieves its first U.S. acquisition by purchasing Sea Fresh USA

    The Peruvian company Océano Seafood, based in Lima, has acquired the entire American company Sea Fresh USA, located in Kingston, Rhode Island.

    The Marine Chemistry, Berta Contreras, is now leading Benchmark Genetics Chile

    Berta Contreras Mutis has assumed her role as General Manager of Benchmark Genetics, replacing Pablo Mazo, who has transitioned to Norway.